Gilmore Girls Boys

A fan and a newbie watching Gilmore Girls from a male perspective.
Ben Cassil and Eugene Suen are Gilmore Girls Boys! While Ben has been a big fan of Gilmore Girls for a few years, and Mandy was with it from the beginning, Eugene Suen comes with absolutely no prior knowledge of the show. Hilarity generally ensues.

category: Comedy
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Ketchupisode S4 E8 - (42:02) 24.06 MB
Enough with this mustard already, time for a Ketchupisode! Mandy's back. Also, we were totally wrong about the Gilmore Girls reunion not being available online. It is available! Do what I did not do, and use a basic internet search. Huzzah!

S4 E7 The Festival of Living Art - (52:13) 29.89 MB
Eugene and Ben are back for the only podcast about Gilmore Girls from a male perspective. What's that? No, I haven't looked at iTunes lately, why do you ask? This is one of the best Kirk episodes, and it is a delight. #ThankYouBarack

S4 E5 "The Fundamental Things Apply" - (34:51) 19.95 MB
Mandy and Ben debate whether Luke and Lorelai's movie watching session was a date (kiss kiss kiss!). Also, when Gilmore Girls the Movie: Gilmore Women comes out, it will start with Rory and Marty celebrating their 5th anniversary in Rory's White House Press Secretary office.

S4 E4 "Chicken or Beef" - (34:23) 19.68 MB
Ben and Mandy are back again this week to walk you through some of the most unintentionally hilarious drunk acting in the history of television.

S4 E3 "The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles" - (41:06) 23.53 MB
Ben and Mandy are here for a step-by-step ketchupisode, taking you through each episode that's not in the top 20. Blech, Digger Stiles.

S4 E2 "The Lorelais' First Day at Yale" Featuring Craig Tovey - (1:01:51) 35.39 MB
Filmmaker and comedian Craig Tovey joins Ben and Eugene to discuss the Lorelais' first day at Yale, Gilmore Girls, Oscar Picks, and the OC (don't call it that). Check out Craig Tovey's work at

S3 E16 The Big One - (49:47) 28.49 MB
Eugene and Ben are back at it, and Eugene is becoming more enamored with those Gilmore Girls every week. EXCLUSIVE: Shocking revelations from OJ Simpson this episode. Also, more Oscar buzz as the Oscar picks relate to Ben's lack of historical knowledge. Also, Eugene has a exhaustive understanding of Chinese New Year. [Ben's note to self: be sure to edit out Eugene's ignorance of Chinese traditions, and also don't put this sentence in the description]

Ketchupisode S3 E15 - (57:12) 32.74 MB
Shin George joins Ben and Mandy to catch you up on Season 3 Episode 15 "The Faceoff." The moral of this episode is that you should get tested for HIV.

S3 E14 The Swan Song - (51:45) 29.62 MB
What could be more relevant to Gilmore Girls than Oscar picks? What's that you say? Discussing the episode? Poppycock! Eugene spends much of this episode convincing a willing audience of Ben's latent racism. The boys decide that Jess is a great character but a terrible boyfriend. If you have a good explanation or an alternate idea for Lorelai's B story in this episode, email it to .

Ketchupisode S3 E10-13 - (37:07) 21.24 MB
Ben and Mandy cover 4 fun episodes from season 3. Hear Mandy justify why Emily would fire Fox Mulder and others. Play along at home: see how many times you can count Ben coughing off mic. Riveting!

S3 E9 Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving - (49:52) 28.54 MB
Four thanksgivings, which one would Ben and Eugene attend? Also, acute joke about angles that I promise is not willfully obtuse.

Ketchupisode S3 E8 - (44:53) 25.69 MB
This episode is dedicated to the memory of Edward Herrmann, who played Richard Gilmore.

S3 E7 "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" - (1:01:48) 35.37 MB
CROSSOVER EPISODE! Much like Steve Urkel parachuting into the Tanner's backyard, Mandy joins Ben and Eugene in this episode! We discuss the correct pronunciation of "Padalecki," and reenact the famous dance floor love triangle scene. Grab a vegan egg sandwich from Mrs. Kim and get ready for the run around!

Ketchupisode S3 E2-6 - (1:05:59) 37.76 MB
Back again. Mandy's back. Tell a friend. On this ketchupisode we cover Taylor's Soda Shoppee, tally Lorelai's concurrent emotions, and settle the eternal debate: Rory or Gigi? Zoltán Kemény!

S3 E1 Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days - (46:34) 26.65 MB
Briiing back those lazy hazy crazy days of summer, those days of coffees, and salads, and Gilmore Girls Boys! We discuss the opening of season 3, which is full of Jess/Dean drama, barbershop quartets, and an episode interesting enough to plant Eugene firmly in the "I don't mind it" camp. Also, Bob Dylan stops by.

Ketchupisode S2 E11-21 - (51:56) 29.72 MB
Ben and Mandy are back to catch you up on the not-top-twenty-caliber episodes that Eugene isn't watching. Mandy's starting a new career as a foley artist. Thinking he hears his name, Dave Foley stops by. Also, we think we've got Rory's relationships all figured out.

S2-E22 I Can't Get Started - (49:07) 28.11 MB
Ben and Eugene talk about the Season 2 finale, complete with Sookie's wedding, a surprise kiss, and the wrong cake flowers. How many sound effects is too many? Perhaps we will find out in this episode.

S2-E10 The Bracebridge Dinner - (49:26) 28.29 MB
"I would watch a Paris show" -Eugene, proving that Ben is making progress in convincing him to like Gilmore Girls. A new game debuts and fails instantly. Eugene and Ben discuss Rory's appeal to boys, the introduction of Jess, and whether a Bracebridge Dinner is coffee or salad.

Ketchupisode S2 E4-9 - (57:17) 32.79 MB
Been standin' most our lives livin' in a ganster's paradise. Ben and Mandy give you all the relevant information and insight from 5 episodes of not-quite-top-twenty material. The debut of "All About That Coffee (No Salad)" from nascent parodist Not-All-That-Weird Ben.

S2-E3 Red Light on the Wedding Night - (44:22) 25.39 MB
Ben continues his quest to convince Eugene that Gilmore Girls is worth his time by showing him the latest top-20 episode of Gilmore Girls. Eugene makes it clear that he is more than "not a fan" status, whatever that means. Ben and Eugene discuss weddings, the symbolism of the traffic light, and sing a new theme song.

Ketchupisode S1 E18-S2 E2 - (1:02:35) 35.81 MB
Ben and Mandy (Gilmore Girls Boys Girl) are here to catch you up on the not-quite top episodes of Gilmore Girls at the end of season one and the beginning of season 2. Ben has eenui, and it might be contagious. Mandy gets the giggles. Dean's hair is like a flowing river, bringing life to the valley.

S1-E17 The Breakup Part II - (45:29) 26.03 MB
Guys I think Eugene is starting to get it! It's only a matter of time before he's a fan. In this episode we discuss Max Medina's likeness to a plank of wood, get some listener feedback, and expertly cover Les Miserables hits. Also, more sound effects! *CHILDREN CHEER*

Ketchupisode S1 E13-16 - (1:01:33) 35.23 MB
Ben and Mandy catch up on 4 episodes that we're not making Eugene watch. Dean may love Rory as much as his haircut, Lorelai always goes for the worst choice in a suitor, and Max Medina is a jar of mayonnaise. Also, Ben rediscovers sound effects in Garageband. Ideas?

Ketchupisode S1 E7-12 - (54:17) 37.28 MB
It's Ketchupisode time! Mandy and Ben catch you up on all the irrelevant details from 5 episodes that Eugene is skipping. Max Medina is basically Wonderbread. Lorelai and Rory: Who's the Mom?

S1-E6 Rory's Birthday Parties - (34:31) 23.71 MB
Rory had two birthday parties, and you know what that means! You don't? Me neither. On this episode, Ben and Eugene discuss FDR's fireside chats, what to bet on in Las Vegas, the pros and cons of holding hands with girls, and whether Dean is coffee or salad. Ugh, that haircut.

Ketchupisode S1 E4-5 - (46:37) 32.01 MB
On the premiere Ketchupisode, Ben and Gilmore Girls Boys Girl Mandy catch you up on what you need to know from the episodes that we're skipping for Eugene. They discuss murder, Dean's haircut, Mandy's high school crush, and play Coffee or Salad.

S1-E3 "Kill Me Now" - (41:44) 38.21 MB
Ben and Eugene decide the future of the show, learn Danish pronunciation, introduce the new game "Coffee or Salad," and help spread breast cancer awareness.

S1-E2 The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton - (50:36) 46.33 MB
Eugene and Ben have mixed feelings about Episode 2. There were plenty of plot holes and some suspicious acting, but there was also the introduction of Mick/Kirk. Also discussed: the theory of relativity, the world's fastest defecator, and Hans Christian Anderson. Happy year of our Kirk 14 Gilmore Girls Boys girls and boys!

S1-E1 "Pilot" - (1:05:10) 59.67 MB
Meet the Gilmore Girls Boys! Ben Cassil is a fan of Gilmore Girls. Eugene Suen is not (yet). In this episode, we discuss the Gilmore Girls pilot, the ebola pandemic, the circular nature of time, the esoteric qualities of Wheel of Fortune, and how dreamy Dean looks to Rory.